Create a legacy that will make a lasting impact for generations to
come through support the work of Liberty College

How Can You Help?

Sponsoring a student is giving a lifetime gift to a young person. It
is a way of helping them to become independent adults able to support
themselves and a family. Decide how much you feel able to contribute
and set up a standing order to Liberty College Support. £120 a
semester will educate a day student from a disadvantaged family and
extra £15 per month will enable us to provide internet, uniforms,
books etc. £35 more a semester will enable a student to stay in a
hostel close to the college which for the girls is particularly
important. £155 a semester will enable a student finish a diploma in
any course and stay in a student hostel. A tertiary education will
cost £700 for two years if a group of people joining together could
support one very able student. Our task is to enable young people from
vulnerable families to continue with education and become independent

Daniel Ngangasi II
Executive Director