Overwhelmed with the generous words.


Daniel Muhindo Ngangasi II

Executive Director

I welcome you to the Liberty College of Management & Journalism website.

Our mission and commitment are to stir up the power of humanity
improving livelihoods through training and education that empowers the
life of individuals and enhances social and economic development

We emphasize excellence in teaching and learning, impressing the
Business, Technical, Vocational Training strategy/approach;

And promote the synthesis of academic knowledge and various worldviews
in order that there might be a maturing of spiritual, intellectual,
social and physical value-driven behaviour.

In choosing a college to attend for your higher education, you must
bear in mind the end product that you will be and the reputation of
the institution you will carry to your work or employment. Therefore,
I strongly urge you to consider having your higher education at
Liberty College; you will not regret it.

Training & Education at LICO employs rigorous academic engagement and
purposes to transform the learner’s values and outlook on life. This
has validated our graduates over the years wherever they have gone.

Become a friend and partner in this unique education journey that LICO
offers. Please visit our website to know more about what LICO has to
offer and why LICO should be your college of choice.

Agaba Asbas Kato


Wisdom comes from God basing on the  personal foundation and background. At liberty College one can acquire the above from the basic education to higher awards by being faithful to the highest level of education. However all these come from God, Hard-work, Trustworthy and patience

Bwambale sezi

Deputy principal

I take this honour to appreciate the management of liberty college for the great work of laying a foundation of equiping learners with innovative and creative  skills that enable them in the competitive job market globally may God bless Liberty forever.

Mumbere Brian

Academic Registrar

Dear Students,
We are delighted to welcome you to our academic community. 
At our institution, we strive to provide a motivating and challenging academic environment that fosters intellectual growth and personal development. We offer a wide range of academic programs that are designed to meet the needs and interests of our diverse student body. Our institution is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service, and they are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals.
As you doing your studies, we encourage you to take advantage of the many resources that are
available to you. Our library is a valuable source of information, and our academic advisors are
always available to help you navigate your course selection and academic requirements. We also encourage you to get involved in extracurricular activities and student organizations, as they can provide you with valuable opportunities to develop your leadership skills, explore your interests,
and make new friends.
We are committed to providing you with an enriching academic experience that prepares you for success in your chosen field. We look forward to working with you, and we wish you all the best as you begin your academic journey with us.

Kamwagha Johnson


Liberty collage of management and journalism has a well built foundation that harness on a high quality of ICT lesson delivery that enable learners to acquire skills in the following
1. Computer applications
2. Computer programming
3. Computer repairs and maintenance
4. Internet and web designing
5. Graphics designing
And so many trainings as an ICT specialist requires. We have managed to work together as a team and we are the leading in the whole of western region since our tutors are of high levels of education in the relevant fields world now is running digital
Let us come and acquire quality education and become a competent work in the ICT world.

Masika Anet Salama

HOD Education

I take this opportunity to thank liberty college of Education Management for the tremendous support given to the student teachers. The college is training Nursery Teachers and is affiliated to Makerere University where students attain their certificates of completion. (Diplomas and Certicicate). Teachers have integrated life skills and and values into their daily teaching and learning experiences.

I therefore recommend that the public should support Liberty College by giving in the students in order to support our school of education.

Bwambale Girison

HOD Hospitality

I am happy to encourage the community & well wishers of our College to join us in the Hospitality. A centre for employing skilled personnel at the current market.

At Liberty we give training seriously both areas of the hotel industry to feet the market.

“We need support from well wishers”

Baking Cakes
Thembo Munayirwa Micheal

HOD Media

Liberty College is known for journalism and Media studies in  Western Uganda and majority of the journalists working with media houses are products of Liberty College of Management And Journalism, making it a leading institution among others not only in Kasese Disgtrict but also in the entire Western Region

Nabulwala coziba

HOD Business

Operating an enterprise is something that is easy and your supposed to be having enough skills that was given to you by a recognised institution.  Therefore Liberty College is the only institution that teaches how to become an entrepreneur and start earning  a living  

Sikabyaholo Yona

HOD Technical

Getting Technical skills is one of the important things in the present world because the world is running to a good percentage of people using technical knowledge and technical sciences. In that matter Liberty College welcomes all of you who prefer to study their courses in Plumbing, Tailoring, Computer, Hair dressing and cosmetology. 

Mbusa Moses

Resident Director


When we aim to achieve, everyone’s path is unique.

Abilities are not fixed if you believe in skills, Education ,hard work and persistence leads to exact version of yourself just use four things: effort, focus, attitude and action.

looking at Uganda’s economy since 2004, when I first graduated I realised that it is useful to give the youth multiple skills using appropriate tools to meet the demands of the employers as it is at liberty college centre of  excellency in offering employable skills, this has been so as a result of training for production.




Kule Filian

ICT student 

Getting a skill in something is better than looking at looking at at something.

It is only Liberty College that can give you skills and full tutorials not basics in doing things especially practical skills in the ICt department, Media department, Hospitality department, Business, Technical among others and its the only College that can make your better sounding CV.

Join us today 


Kule Filian (website developer)

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